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In 2017, U-Haul chose Manley Films as their agency of choice to concept and create U-Haul’s first national television commercial in 30 years.

The product featured in the commercial is U-Haul’s U-Box. We began by pitching 3 different creative campaign platforms to our client. After reviewing those platforms, U-Haul chose the “Move at Your Pace” campaign.

We worked closely with the marketing team at U-Haul to ensure the production remained on time and on budget. The first steps involved 200 hours of pre-production. We scouted locations, secured talent, fine-tuned the scripts and storyboards and coordinated with our valued client to make sure the process was as smooth as possible.

The production involved 3 days of shooting at 4 locations. The end result was a successful television commercial that ran for several months. U-Box sales increased dramatically.

Building off of that success, in 2018, U-Haul asked Manley Films to produce a 30 minute infomercial. That shoot involved about 300 hours of pre-production and 15 days of shooting. Once again, U-Box sales increased exponentially.

In 2019, we have already produced a 3 minute version of the commercial and a 5 minute version.