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Fiesta Bowl

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More stats for the month of December 2018 for Fiesta Bowl tweets…

  • Earned 4.1 Million impressions and 257,728 engagements
  • On average, these tweets earned 119.1K impressions per day
  • @Fiesta_Bowl twitter audience grew by 1,000 during the month of December
  • Over 117K profile visits to @Fiesta_Bowl in the month of December

Stats from Fiesta Bowl game day…

  • 61K total bowl-related twitter mentions (third amongst all bowls)
  • 3.4 million impressions across the nation
  • $6.1 million in total TV spend

Fiesta Bowl

We’re in our third year with Fiesta Bowl. In 2018 we logged 487 edit hours, 61 unique videos and multiple still photography deliverables.

  • Social audiences grew by 12.4% for the Cheez-It Bowl accounts
  • Social audience grew by 11% for the Fiesta Bowl accounts
  • Instagram channels – Cheez-It grew by 61% | Fiesta Bowl increased by 47%