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Covid Safe Production

With the restrictions of COVID-19, we’re adapting daily to changing circumstances. Through our new protocols, we continue to bring you timely, groundbreaking marketing collateral. 

A new “normal” requires a new set of safety protocols to ensure a safe production. Your health and safety are our number one priority on set, always.


What does a COVID Safe Production look like? 

Strictly following CDC guidelines means set looks a little different. We ensure accessible hand sanitizer and hand washing stations, masks upon arrival and proper social distancing. In addition, our crew uses wireless headsets to avoid touching phones during filming. 

A COVID safe production also means…

To help ensure everyone’s safety and comfort, temperatures will be taken using a non-invasive forehead thermometer. While this may seem extreme, we prioritize safety above all else.

We are sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of personnel, actors and clients. If anyone has an elevated temperature, they’ll be sent home without penalty. Our team has developed a backup plan for such situations.

This adaption to the “new normal” even includes personal packaged meals to minimize cross- contamination. 

Covid safe production



In addition to common industry measures, we’re taking safety a step further. We’ve added a CHO, Chief Health Officer, to our sets.

A well-planned production has the right people in the right roles to help save you time and money. In the same way a producer values your precious minutes and keeps the team on track, the CHO will help maintain a safe working environment. 

The CHO leads a safety briefing at the start of the shoot. This will include any potential hazards or special rules in place based on the shooting site. During the shoot, they will strictly monitor safety protocols.

Finally, the CHO will assign cleaning duties to crew members after each location is wrapped.

Setting the COVID Safe Production Standard



As a global agency and proud member of our local Phoenix and Charlotte communities, we want to set the standard for our clients and other agencies around the world. Great storytelling doesn’t require being on set, but it’s one of the most enjoyable parts of our craft. We want to protect this incredible, diverse industry.

However, we don’t take COVID-19 lightly. Our new protocols mean we can safely continue producing the best work for you. So, whether you’re comfortable with a small, socially-distanced day on set, or you want us to create a virtual, interactive experience to share your message – we’re here for you.

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Covid safe production