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A lot has changed in marketing and video production since we entered the business 20 years ago. A lot has changed in just the last few years! Is your business keeping up with the new marketing and media?

We can help. Here are five great reasons why you should work with us.

  • You don’t have time for agencies that don’t have time for you.
  • You need an agency that works on the leading edge of marketing and media.
  • We understand you have priorities, budgets, and goals to fulfill.
  • We help you tell the story of what makes your business unique.
  • You’ll always be excited to use our work, or we’ll do it over.

If you want a creative agency that listens to your needs, helps you make the right marketing decisions, and treats you with the respect and care you deserve, give Manley a shot at your business.

Video Production

Your Passion is Your Business. Our Passion is Capturing It.

Some of the most effective and stunning video work appears simple and clean, but it’s anything but easy. Creating a piece of video that is widely recognized as expert quality takes a coordinated effort of a seasoned production team working closely with a client and understanding the client’s goals. It’s vital that the details are planned from the very beginning. Tasks like conceptualizing, script writing, location scouting, talent casting and other pre-production activities are vital to a seamless and productive shoot day. A productive shoot day is vital to the final edit, as well as the capture of additional footage that can be used for later videos. Our clients are often surprised that we accomplish so much in one shoot. We are always looking ahead and working to maximize opportunities to grab the best footage possible.

Video Marketing

Achieve Marketing Greatness with Video

Marketing decisions are tough to make when you’ve got a budget, demanding objectives, and so many options available. How can you make the best use of your funds? How can you ensure you reach the target audience at the perfect time with the right message? How do you get, and keep, the attention of the audience that will make or break your organization?

Marketing is changing rapidly and with new tactics and resources, it’s hard to know where to spend your money for the best ROI. We offer marketing services a la carte or as a package of services customized for you, which include video content strategy, social media strategy, campaign planning and implementation. We listen to your needs and help you make the best decisions for your marketing spend to reach the greatest return on investment. We want to understand why you do what you do, and help you do it better than ever.

Marketing Strategy
Social Media Management
Web Development
Graphic Design
Copywriting and Content Development
B2B Communications and Campaigns

If you’re ready to use videos for business growth, you’re ready for the long-term, all-in commitment.That means planning for ongoing video production that will create a path to conversion distributed through social media platforms. We offer our video production clients vital promotion activities to make sure the videos we create gets the results our clients need and expect. We work hand in hand with your team to create and implement plans for distribution of video content, social media support, ad buying, and other means of getting your content in front of the right audiences and generating stellar response.

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Packaged Offerings

The Most Cost Effective Way to Use Video

Ah, the power of an expertly made video! No other marketing tool has grown so speedily to embrace versatility, economy, intelligence and timeliness. Video content is the new bread and butter of marketing programs for reaching almost any audience and generating results.

Video is the most popular medium today for communicating with your customers — even those in your own neighborhood. And there are endless ways to use video beyond social media or advertising. Video is the perfect medium to tell stories that communicate with potential customers, donors and supporters. As your marketing partner, we evaluate, plan, strategize and implement campaigns using video to support your marketing programs.

Beyond marketing, sometimes video is about filling the needs for non-revenue generating activities like training and recruiting. Here are some of the ways our client use the videos we produce:

Reinforce/Build Brand
Acquire New Business
Recruit Talent
Case Studies/Client Testimonials
Corporate Overview
Local Advertising
National Advertising
Internal Communications
Product Roll-Out
Sales Support

Video may be easier than ever to use, but it isn’t uncomplicated. For clients who are ready to implement video in many parts of their business operations, we offer incredible value in our packages. Most businesses who use us on a monthly basis find that we are the most cost effective and worthwhile investment they’ve ever made in marketing.

To help get the most out of your marketing dollars, our monthly retainer packages are designed to allow development of critical video assets throughout the year. This allows clients to spread the costs across their budget year, while assuring ongoing, fresh content is produced and implemented. Retainers open up many possibilities, including the use of specialized service such as drone aerials, 360 degree/VR, animation and other techniques. It also opens the door to our in-house talent service which offers low cost, skilled actors who are personally known to us, saving our clients thousands of dollars in talent agency fees. Retainers are the best way to achieve marketing greatness by building a library of footage and having access to a professional production team on demand.

Best of Both: Video + Social Media

Generate ROI For Your Videos with Social Media Support

Our number one priority is taking care of your needs for expert video content. But did you know we also offer social media support to help you get your videos seen, shared, and generating results? We now include affordable social media support as part of our monthly retainer services. You can have your own part-time social media specialist at your service and already plugged into your company content and messaging.

  • Designing original visual content, such as ad design or infographics, in line with your organization’s branding.
  • Delivering on any additional copy writing needs your organization has, including web copy, blogs and press releases.
  • Managing the social media accounts for your organization to build brand awareness, enhance credibility and engage your audience.
  • Monitoring and reporting the success of social campaigns using native analytics tools and targeted metrics

Your Own On-Call Camera Crew in AZ

For out-of-town production companies developing projects for clients in Arizona, Manley provides camera crews on location. Our crews are talented, flexible and experienced working in tandem with guest production agencies to ensure a smooth shoot day. Rates vary depending on location and needs. SERVICES FOR HIRE IN ARIZONA INCLUDE:

Certified, Licensed & Insured Drone Aerials
360 Degree / Virtual Reality
News Reels & News Footage
Special Events
Director of Photography

Pre-Production & Production
Camera Operators
Location Scouting
Local talent
Hair, makeup & wardrobe